Monday, July 13, 2009

Subject: Re: > From: robertatwood Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 19:38:17 +0000>

hey mom,>

how are you doing? that is really awesome that Brogan got his mission call. well for my shoes i prefer the hushpuppies better. i can buy the repellent here. well my week was a really strange week, well tuesday we went out and i was talking to one of my investigators, and she has been investigating for about a year now, but she has showed some interest to be baptized now, but right now she says she can´t. but she wont tell me why. so we have been trying to get her to tell us why she can´t be baptized, her name is Isabel. she is really awesome, but she just doesn´t really believe in the power of forgiveness. i think she will be baptized one day and i hope that it is soon, we are going to schedule una intervista with the mission president soon. so i hope that will help her out a little bit. wednesday we went to talk to karla (the girl who got baptized) and her brother brandon(the one who got baptized the week before) and he mom America. we taught the all about how we should keep the sabbath day holy, because they are still green and they need a lot of help right now on keeping the commandment of God. oh and thursday was way awesome, this day we were walking and i felt like we needed to go to one member´s store, and when we got there i found him really badly sick. he had a high fever, he had no energy and he was throwing up like crazy, and then when we got there he asked us if we would give him a blessing, and so we did, and in the blessing i told him that he would get up and feel better and have energy to do his work, and then he got up and said i feel the same, and then i told him to have faith and it will come, and he said, if it doesn´t come i am going to kill you. then in about ten minutes he was all the way better, it was amazing i kid you not, it was like something just took the weight off of his shoulders, he looked really bad one minute and about two seconds later, he had color in his face and he was able to eat what he wanted, without any problems, he was eating meat and cake before i left, it was so weird/cool to see something like that, and the even more cool part about that was that isabel was there to witness it. and the brother after he felt better, he told me that he is never going to sin again. y viernes we had splits with the zone leaders and i went to the area of the zone leaders and i used bikes, and it was way fun until my butt started hurting. and then after my butt started hurting, it all went down hill after that, i rolled my bike tire in poop and the poop flung up all up and down my pants, and then that night i got way sick and i couldn´t sleep for nothing, i had to get up every five minutes to go throw up or the other thing, and it was way bad, i lost all of the liquids in my body i believe, and in the morning i didn´t have any energy to do anything, i felt way horrible, i couldn´t keep any liquid in my body, then they gave me a blessing and after the blessing i was able to keep liquids down, but before that sister clark was way scared. and she said that if i couldn´t keep anything down, i would have to go to the hospital for an i v, but luckily i didn´t have to go to the hospital, i was just stuck in bed until today, but that is o.k. it really gave me a chance to realize that God really does play a role in our health also. it is really good to know that he is there for whatever reason, we just need to ask, and like a good father, He will respond. well that is about all that i did this week, i love you soo much mom, i hope that you have a great week.>

love,> elder robert shane atwood>

p.s. i am all the way better now so don´t worry>

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