Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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hey dad,>

well i am going to write you the long one because i don´t think i am going to be here in time for when mom writes me. well this week was a really wierd week, i got to feeling better, but i got sick again, and then sister Clark was thinking that i got a parasite. that is because i lost about 8 pounds in two weeks, but i took some parasite medicine and i feel a lot better now. well i guess that this week wasn´t as wierd as i thought, we just did some visits that were really awesome, and our investigators are progressing really well. we have been teaching this one lady and she has been in teaching for about a year, and while we were teaching her i asked her when are you going to be baptized, and then she told me i want to be baptized next week, so she had another interview with president clark and then after the interview, president clark called me and told me elder atwood i think that your investigator is ready to be baptized, she has given me the best answers that i have ever heard in my life, he then told me that i have never seen someone more prepared to be baptized. i agreed with him and i told him that sometimes she has said somethings that have left me in aw. so we are going to be baptizing her sometime this week, i am just not exactly sure what day. and there is another investigator that we have named america and she wants to get baptized, but she feels like she can´t for what she did in the past, she told us that she feels bad for leaving her children while she was trying to make money for them in the united states, we told her that it wasn´t a sin, and we explained more things about the atonement and how we can be forgiven for our sins, and most importantly we have to learn how to forgive ourselves. that is about it with my week, not too much, but i don´t have too much time this week, i love you all and i hope that you have a great week.

> love,> elder robert atwood

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