Tuesday, July 7, 2009

hey mom,

how is everything with you? i am really good down here in mexico, i guess i need to tell you what i need down here in mexico. well i need some insect repellent. oh i think i need to get some new shoes soon, if you send some, make sure to send each shoe in a different box. my shoes right now are all falling apart because we walk about 10 miles a day. well i really don´t need anything, but those are things that i would like to have. oh and socks. well this week was way awesome, we had one baptism on friday. it was way cool to. because we planned out everything a week before, and a lot of people showed up and the people who spoke did a really good job. the spirit was so strong, that when it was time to go, the girl who got baptized, her mom didn´t want to leave because of the feeling that she felt. And she told me that she wants to get baptized as well, and so she will probably be baptized in two weeks. but seriously, when we serve the Lord with all of our heart, might, mind, and strength, God really blesses us in finding people who are ready to hear the Gospel, and he blesses us with the ability to speak with the spirit, and when we do that we have the power of conversion. without the spirit, it is impossible to find out the truth, we should always look for guidance of the Lord. i am so grateful to be able to see what the Lord does for me and my companion. there are some days where it just feels like we are just walking in the hot sun, but when i have faith, it always seems to work out. well today we have been having a lot of fun, i woke up and then i went strait downstairs and started to wash my clothes, and then after that we went to the stake center and we watched al otro lado del cielo(other side of heaven) and we had popcorn with big cola, that is the name of the drink. and then after that we went to a buffet, and it was way good, i think i had about 4 plates, well it was just a game to see who could eat the most, and i almost one, but there was a fatter elder next to me, so i couldn´t win. but after that, we went to the hospital because there was a brother in the ward who got beat up really bad, the bad people took him and beat him in the head and stomped his face in, he is in a lot of pain right now, but we gave him a blessing, and we blessed him that he would get better fast. it was way awesome to see him after the blessing, because he was all calm and he fell right asleep. well i have to go, i love you mom, and keep me up with the details.


p.s. whenever you send me a box i need the number of the box and the postal service.

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