Tuesday, June 23, 2009


> Subject: Re: > From: robertatwood@myldsmail.net> To: telliehike@hotmail.com> Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 22:58:33 +0000> > > hey mom,> sorry that i had to write a short e mail last week, well i thought that the joke was way funny, i thought you were serious at first so i started to tell everyone that i was going to study about flowers and so it was good to be able to tell the people that i was going to study something more manly. That is sad to hear about Benjamin, i remember him pretty well, seeing him made me think that no matter how hard that i felt the mission was i could look at him, seeing that he has some type of illness, but he is still doing all that he can to work for the lord, but it is really cool now to know that he is on the other side of the veil carrying on his missionary work for the Lord trying to bring those Lost souls to the light. I could tell that he has a great testimony for this church, it is sad to see people die, but like you said, i am glad to know that there is more after this life, like life goes on and there is pure happiness. It makes everything in this life so much more comforting knowing the plan of salvation, many people ask me if i am scared being in an area so dangerous. i tell them not really because i know that God is protecting me and i know that there is more after this life, i love this plan so much, it is perfect, because it was created by a perfect God. But lets see what has happened this week, well tuesday we had a baptism with Brandon, it was so funny, when i was performing the ordinance i didn´t really explain to him how it was exactly, because he has seen a few movies on how it was done, so i didn´t really think about it, and so when i went to dunk him he tried to go forward and so i slanged him back and he tried to stick his hand out of the water, so i had to pretty much submerge myself so that he was baptized completely. oh ya the water was soooooo cold, there wasn´t a hot water knob, so i put it on full blast of cold water, and brandon was so cold that he didn´t say anything until he got outside. and then wednesday we went out knocking doors for a long time, but we were knocking in an area where there was a lot of businesses that looked like houses and there wasn´t really anyone who wanted to listen. and then thursday we planed and then we went to the dangerous part of our area and we went to lunch, and then after that we went with one of our investigators that will be baptized in two weeks i think, it is because she has been investigating the church for about a year now, and she has been waiting for this one ex missionary to come back to baptize her, and he is back now so she will be baptized soon. well i think i told you how everything went down with my comp last week. so about two weeks ago there was an elder who ran away and when they found them he got put with me and elder agüero got put with his old comp. i don´t know why he ran away, he told me that he can´t handle pressure for a long time, and he went a little crazy, so he got moved down to jr comp. that is about it with all of that, he is a really cool person and he is really pumped up to work. i think we are going to have a lot of success in these few weeks together. well so saturday we knocked doors for a long time again and nobody really wanted to listen, more they wanted to prove that our religion is wrong. i just tell them about prayer, and they can find out for themselves, because there is no use in bible bashing, the spirit goes away and you can´t really teach that well after. after that we went to brandon's house to teach his mom, and sister, but while we were teaching there was a shooting for about 5 minutes not too far away from where we were, we just sat on the floor and we just talked, and then we put on a movie of the church and they didn´t let us leave for about four hours, well that was about my week, i can tell that the Lord is protecting me a lot and without him i think i would have already been dead. well mom, i love you so much, i hope that you have a great week.> love,> elder robert

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

hey mom,

Well i had transfers this week and i got switched to the Area right next to my old one, but the funny thing is, is that it is really poor and it is the Most dangerous area in the mission, but that is o.k. we just have some special rules and if we follow those rules we will be o.k. my new house is really awesome except for the bathroom, when you sit down on the toilet, your knees touch the door and push it open a little bit, and when you take a shower, your leggs are touching the toilet, it is really awesome. But yea i am really excited for this transfer, it is like we are going to open up this area, because right now there aren´t that many investigators. This week with my companion elder Agüero and i we had to go to so many houses knocking doors to find people to teach, it was one week of a lot of walking, but it was the most satisfying work because i really felt that i had nothing left at the end of the day, but God always gave me the strength to do what i needed to the next day, it wasn´t until today that i felt beat, but now i feel ready for a better weak. We contacted this one family and the mother of the family let us in and asked us if we could talk to the family because right now my children don´t believe in God and they walk really bad stealing things and what not, and i told her that God gives us a chance to repent and our faith is like a seed that will grow, but by the end of the lesson that we had taught the spirit was extremely strong, everyone in the room had tears in their eyes, even the dad who was working on some plans in the next room felt the spirit to come join us in the middle of the lesson. It was so awesome, i knew that they all felt like they wanted to change, and i know they can, i told them it is going to be hard, but with the help of the spirit, we can do anything. that was my favorite experience for the week. i don´t really have too much time this week, but i would like to tell you that i love you mom, and i hope you have a great week,

love elder robert

p.s. i wanted to get my papers in because i only have about a year left and i have no plan after i get home, and plus everyone keeps asking what i am going to do after the mission and i usually don´t know what to say, but i am not sure if i want to do stuff with flowers, maybe it will be cool. but don´t worry i am 100% focused on the mission.