Monday, November 9, 2009

Nov. 9

Okay, my computer went down, and I lost Elder Atwood's blog address, but I did a google search and found it that way. It was so simple; I don't know why I didn't think of it before. It was nice to be able to see Elder Brown's emails again.

hey mom,

well yea this is my new e mail. they gave me a new e mail because i was receiving a whole bunch of junk and it was getting really annoying. my president told me to tell you that if you are going to post my letters online, that you need to erase my e mail address before. I am not sure if you do or not, but i am just obeying orders in telling you. well it sounds like you week was really awesome this past week. or really busy. i am not sure, but that is awesome that the little kids really like Trish. It sounds like she is a really nice lady. Is she Rod’s age? that is good that she is really cool. it is really funny to think that logan is still really small, i think he is going to be like that for the rest of his life. i sure hope not. So when is thanksgiving? they really don’t celebrate it here so that is why i am not sure when it is. so that is pretty awesome i hope i get fat like everyone else in that time. that is weird how fast the time is going, the year is almost over with only a month and a half left, it`s just another proof that i don`t have time to slack off, and that i need to always work with all of my might. the other day I went on splits with my zone leader and i took him around my whole area showing him the people that we are teaching and showing them how they are progressing, and I worked him so hard that day that we were both just beat, we seriously didn`t want to move after that, but the next day we got up, and we both did some exercises, and i lifted weights, but i hadn`t lifted so much weight in a long time, and i got way sore. it was way funny. i really love doing those divisions though because i get to see how other people teach and i can learn more doctrine, and basically i love it because i learn so much when i do that. i always feel like a better missionary after. it was soo cool though, that day when we were teaching you could just see the people being touched by the spirit, you could definitely see it in their eyes. and almost everyone that we talked to that day wants to learn more, and we have a whole bunch of appointments this week. it is going to be way awesome. well before all of that, Tuesday they cut off our water and so we didn`t have water for a day, until i got tired of having to go to another missionary’s house, so i saw that it still had the water meter, all that they did was take out a tube and shut the valve. so what i did was take a regular hose, i put a washer in the screw in side and then for the other side i took the huge rubber workout band that they give us in the mtc and i put the hose in the tube and i tide the rubber band around the tube and hose, and now it doesn`t even leak so it is good as new. and now we have water in the house. so technically we aren`t robbing any water but we did get our water earlier than we were supposed to. so i did that and all is good. and then wedensday we were teaching alejandra and her son, and they were way excited to get baptized, but the day before her baptism she got way sick, and had to go to the hospital because her throat was so swollen that she couldn`t breath, so she didn`t get baptized due to that, but she is still planning on it. i think things are just going to keep happening until the baptism. i can really see that satan is trying to make her not get baptized. i can see it clear as glass. it is really sad to have to see her go through all of these trails, but i know that there must be an opposition in all things, she has been so happy in these past few weeks knowing us, but she has also seen some really bad things happen in her life, but she just tells us that she wouldn`t change them for the world. she is way awesome, but just needs a little help to actually make it to the waters and stay faithful in the church. but over all her intentions are really good, her heart is in the right place, she just needs to complete with her word, and she will be baptized. There are things that we are not going to be able to control, but we can always do the things that the Lord commands. well Jesus, the other person that we have been teaching is really awesome also, he is the one that went to choir and sings really good. the other day we went to his house and he showed us a disc where he was singing, it sounded almost like josh groban, but at first i didn`t know it was him singing, and then i asked him, who is this person singing, and he was like it is me, and i was just floored, i was like, why aren`t you singing professionally, and he was like i wouldn`t like to be famous. and i was like wow you sing really good. and he promised to give me a cd of him singing. after that we taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he accepted to be baptized, i swear he is definitely ready to be baptized, he goes to choir by himself without anyone reminding him, and he goes to church, actually a little bit early, but he goes by himself without anyone telling him to go. he is really one of the elected. but he is set up to be baptized this sunday and his little kids in three weeks from today. i think he will be able to baptize his little kids, but his little kids are way awesome, we taught them the other day and after we gave them some pamphlets and they read the pamphlets that very second, like they didn`t do anything until it was all the way read. but it was way awesome, the only bad thing is that his wife really doesn`t want to listen to us. it is because she is scared about what her family might say, but i think with time she will start to see the blessing of the Gospel in the life of her husband, and she will want the same blessing in her life and she will be baptized, but only time and hard work will tell. well that is about it that was way cool from my week, i studied something this week that was way awesome, but right now i can`t remember what it is. i think right after i leave internet i will forget, but just to let you know it was awesome. when i find out i will write it down and i will tell you next week. so right now i don`t really have all that much time, but i love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. you are the best ever. sorry i didn`t write that much.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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hey dad,>

well i am going to write you the long one because i don´t think i am going to be here in time for when mom writes me. well this week was a really wierd week, i got to feeling better, but i got sick again, and then sister Clark was thinking that i got a parasite. that is because i lost about 8 pounds in two weeks, but i took some parasite medicine and i feel a lot better now. well i guess that this week wasn´t as wierd as i thought, we just did some visits that were really awesome, and our investigators are progressing really well. we have been teaching this one lady and she has been in teaching for about a year, and while we were teaching her i asked her when are you going to be baptized, and then she told me i want to be baptized next week, so she had another interview with president clark and then after the interview, president clark called me and told me elder atwood i think that your investigator is ready to be baptized, she has given me the best answers that i have ever heard in my life, he then told me that i have never seen someone more prepared to be baptized. i agreed with him and i told him that sometimes she has said somethings that have left me in aw. so we are going to be baptizing her sometime this week, i am just not exactly sure what day. and there is another investigator that we have named america and she wants to get baptized, but she feels like she can´t for what she did in the past, she told us that she feels bad for leaving her children while she was trying to make money for them in the united states, we told her that it wasn´t a sin, and we explained more things about the atonement and how we can be forgiven for our sins, and most importantly we have to learn how to forgive ourselves. that is about it with my week, not too much, but i don´t have too much time this week, i love you all and i hope that you have a great week.

> love,> elder robert atwood

Monday, July 20, 2009

> hey mom,>

how is it going, i am doing good, just have a slight request from you, could you send me a little bit of money so that i can buy a type of medicine. that is if you want. thank you so very much for the package, if i can get it, i hope that the people at the border don´t rob me. well this week has gone by really fast, but it has been really satisfying, we haven´t had too much success this week, but we worked really hard and i felt that the Lord was pleased with us and that is all that matters with me. it seemed that almost every single one of our appointments fell through, but we didn´t let that stop us, and we had opportunities to find other people that want to hear the Gospel. we found three people that i think will be baptized before the middle of next month. that will be awesome, every time we talk with them about the Gospel their eyes light up, and they get all excited and start asking a bunch of questions. it makes it really exciting and seeing the change in their eyes makes all of this worth while. oh their names are antonio, Guadalupe and guadalupe, we call them Lupita una, y lupita dos. lupita is short for guadalupe. well there hasn´t been too many more things interesting than that. Brandon´s mom is doing really well, she wants to be baptized more and more every day, but can´t until she goes to church. oh and her sister has been listening to us too, but her husband doesn´t want them to change their religion, and the other day her husband was there and he was listening, and the spirit was so strong while we were there, that he got up and left because it felt like he was starting to believe. i hope that they take this road, i know that this will bless them tremendously. well that is about it for this week, i love you so much mom, let me know how everything goes with camping and send me pictures.>

elder robert

Monday, July 13, 2009

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hey mom,>

how are you doing? that is really awesome that Brogan got his mission call. well for my shoes i prefer the hushpuppies better. i can buy the repellent here. well my week was a really strange week, well tuesday we went out and i was talking to one of my investigators, and she has been investigating for about a year now, but she has showed some interest to be baptized now, but right now she says she can´t. but she wont tell me why. so we have been trying to get her to tell us why she can´t be baptized, her name is Isabel. she is really awesome, but she just doesn´t really believe in the power of forgiveness. i think she will be baptized one day and i hope that it is soon, we are going to schedule una intervista with the mission president soon. so i hope that will help her out a little bit. wednesday we went to talk to karla (the girl who got baptized) and her brother brandon(the one who got baptized the week before) and he mom America. we taught the all about how we should keep the sabbath day holy, because they are still green and they need a lot of help right now on keeping the commandment of God. oh and thursday was way awesome, this day we were walking and i felt like we needed to go to one member´s store, and when we got there i found him really badly sick. he had a high fever, he had no energy and he was throwing up like crazy, and then when we got there he asked us if we would give him a blessing, and so we did, and in the blessing i told him that he would get up and feel better and have energy to do his work, and then he got up and said i feel the same, and then i told him to have faith and it will come, and he said, if it doesn´t come i am going to kill you. then in about ten minutes he was all the way better, it was amazing i kid you not, it was like something just took the weight off of his shoulders, he looked really bad one minute and about two seconds later, he had color in his face and he was able to eat what he wanted, without any problems, he was eating meat and cake before i left, it was so weird/cool to see something like that, and the even more cool part about that was that isabel was there to witness it. and the brother after he felt better, he told me that he is never going to sin again. y viernes we had splits with the zone leaders and i went to the area of the zone leaders and i used bikes, and it was way fun until my butt started hurting. and then after my butt started hurting, it all went down hill after that, i rolled my bike tire in poop and the poop flung up all up and down my pants, and then that night i got way sick and i couldn´t sleep for nothing, i had to get up every five minutes to go throw up or the other thing, and it was way bad, i lost all of the liquids in my body i believe, and in the morning i didn´t have any energy to do anything, i felt way horrible, i couldn´t keep any liquid in my body, then they gave me a blessing and after the blessing i was able to keep liquids down, but before that sister clark was way scared. and she said that if i couldn´t keep anything down, i would have to go to the hospital for an i v, but luckily i didn´t have to go to the hospital, i was just stuck in bed until today, but that is o.k. it really gave me a chance to realize that God really does play a role in our health also. it is really good to know that he is there for whatever reason, we just need to ask, and like a good father, He will respond. well that is about all that i did this week, i love you soo much mom, i hope that you have a great week.>

love,> elder robert shane atwood>

p.s. i am all the way better now so don´t worry>

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baptism on 7-3-09

hey mom,

how is everything with you? i am really good down here in mexico, i guess i need to tell you what i need down here in mexico. well i need some insect repellent. oh i think i need to get some new shoes soon, if you send some, make sure to send each shoe in a different box. my shoes right now are all falling apart because we walk about 10 miles a day. well i really don´t need anything, but those are things that i would like to have. oh and socks. well this week was way awesome, we had one baptism on friday. it was way cool to. because we planned out everything a week before, and a lot of people showed up and the people who spoke did a really good job. the spirit was so strong, that when it was time to go, the girl who got baptized, her mom didn´t want to leave because of the feeling that she felt. And she told me that she wants to get baptized as well, and so she will probably be baptized in two weeks. but seriously, when we serve the Lord with all of our heart, might, mind, and strength, God really blesses us in finding people who are ready to hear the Gospel, and he blesses us with the ability to speak with the spirit, and when we do that we have the power of conversion. without the spirit, it is impossible to find out the truth, we should always look for guidance of the Lord. i am so grateful to be able to see what the Lord does for me and my companion. there are some days where it just feels like we are just walking in the hot sun, but when i have faith, it always seems to work out. well today we have been having a lot of fun, i woke up and then i went strait downstairs and started to wash my clothes, and then after that we went to the stake center and we watched al otro lado del cielo(other side of heaven) and we had popcorn with big cola, that is the name of the drink. and then after that we went to a buffet, and it was way good, i think i had about 4 plates, well it was just a game to see who could eat the most, and i almost one, but there was a fatter elder next to me, so i couldn´t win. but after that, we went to the hospital because there was a brother in the ward who got beat up really bad, the bad people took him and beat him in the head and stomped his face in, he is in a lot of pain right now, but we gave him a blessing, and we blessed him that he would get better fast. it was way awesome to see him after the blessing, because he was all calm and he fell right asleep. well i have to go, i love you mom, and keep me up with the details.


p.s. whenever you send me a box i need the number of the box and the postal service.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009