Monday, July 20, 2009

> hey mom,>

how is it going, i am doing good, just have a slight request from you, could you send me a little bit of money so that i can buy a type of medicine. that is if you want. thank you so very much for the package, if i can get it, i hope that the people at the border don´t rob me. well this week has gone by really fast, but it has been really satisfying, we haven´t had too much success this week, but we worked really hard and i felt that the Lord was pleased with us and that is all that matters with me. it seemed that almost every single one of our appointments fell through, but we didn´t let that stop us, and we had opportunities to find other people that want to hear the Gospel. we found three people that i think will be baptized before the middle of next month. that will be awesome, every time we talk with them about the Gospel their eyes light up, and they get all excited and start asking a bunch of questions. it makes it really exciting and seeing the change in their eyes makes all of this worth while. oh their names are antonio, Guadalupe and guadalupe, we call them Lupita una, y lupita dos. lupita is short for guadalupe. well there hasn´t been too many more things interesting than that. Brandon´s mom is doing really well, she wants to be baptized more and more every day, but can´t until she goes to church. oh and her sister has been listening to us too, but her husband doesn´t want them to change their religion, and the other day her husband was there and he was listening, and the spirit was so strong while we were there, that he got up and left because it felt like he was starting to believe. i hope that they take this road, i know that this will bless them tremendously. well that is about it for this week, i love you so much mom, let me know how everything goes with camping and send me pictures.>

elder robert

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