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Email 5/5/09

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hey mom,> well this week was a really short one, but the work was a little bit harder, because the people here are really scared of the flu, and the government is making it out to be worse than it really is, but we are a lot safer in torreon than a lot of other places, because the virus lives in humid and cool places and torreon is the opposite of that. and they say that the heat here kills the virus. but my health has been really good lately, (knock on wood). well nothing really funny happened this week, we just walked in the hot sun for hours and hours this week and i am a lot redder, i don´t tan, i just get more red, and i am wearing sun screen everyday, i think i need to put it on two times a day. but yea with all of the people saying we couldn´t come over this week, we still had the opportunity to teach. we had an opportunity to teach those two old people that you were asking about that were from a different faith and the minister put bad things in their head, when we taught them, we taught them about the restoration again so that they could understand it better, it was really cool, the spirit was definitely there to testify to them that this is real. the part that was really cool was when we taught about prayer, they were so excited to hear that God really listens and that God really answers, the lady knew that God answers prayers and had a testimony of that, she told us that her religion doesn´t teach that though, I felt as we were teaching them that they are definite baptisms, but it all depends on their answer, and i know that if they pray, they will receive their answer that this is true. we have another appointment with them tomorrow and we are going to challenge them for baptism, so tomorrow will be interesting. well the kids that had the baptismal date couldn´t be baptized this week because of the flu, here in mexico right now we can´t have big gatherings of people, so we postponed it until this sunday. For this reason we didn´t have church this sunday, it felt weird to not have church, but we went to the houses of many members and with the permission of the bishop we gave the sacrament to the members and shared some scriptures and sang hymns, and that was about it, then we went to the next house. this week was pretty fun, i don´t know why, but it has just felt like our lessons have been a lot more effective. well mom i don´t want to say too much because i want to be able to talk on sunday. i will call on saturday to confirm the time, because i am still not sure on what time, but you are going to call the relief society president´s house. are you going to invite kim? your decision is fine with me because you know it is mother´s day. well mom, i love you sooooooooooooooooo much, i hope that you have a great week, make sure you take precautions this week and keep yourself healthy. i love you and have fun this week also.>

love,> robert shane atwood

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