Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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> hey mom,>

well i don´t think i ever thanked you for the box, but i am going to do it again just in case i didn´t. thanks mom for the box that you sent me, and for the money you put in the bank for me. well lets see, i am really good right now, i am still pretty healthy i think, i don´t really hurt anywhere. Just a little bit in my big toe and nothing more. so i think i am going to go to the store today and buy the vitamins. oh so yea we are teaching a family that doesn´t really speak spanish, but they didn´t have too much time this week to listen to us. but they really want something better in their lives, it is really hard to say stuff in english, i always say it in the way i would say in spanish, and i always say a word in spanish. but yea we are finding a lot of different investigators right now, because a lot of our investigators don´t want to progress right now, i am sure one day they will accept this in their lives, but right now isn´t their time, and i have no time to waist in finding the people who are need of this gospel right now. well it is true that everyone needs this in their lives, but my time is too short to waist it. we are going to keep on visiting them, but i am sure missionaries in the future will find them and teach them what they need. because there is a time a place for everything. we still visit them and everything but not as frequent as before, but these investigators that we have now showed up to sacrament meeting all by themselves walking a couple miles to the church building, i was so touched to see that someone really really wants to know that this is true, by showing up by foot and seeing how some people find it hard to go to church because they have to wake up early. but after it was all done every single one of them said that they can´t wait until next sunday to go to church. their names are dolores, sylvia, jose luis, and i can´t remember who is the other person but she is really cool. Julio the person that we baptized still is really strong in the church, they are already talking about going to the temple and doing baptisms for the dead for their family. He seems to have more faith in the church than a lot of the members right now. When he started out he was only taking the discussion because of his wife, until we challenged him to pray and when he did that, he had no choice but to follow his prompting because he said he knew he could not deny it. but i am just way excited for him right now and i hope all goes well with him. well right now i am not sure if i have transfers or not , but i sure hope i don´t, but if i do i know it is for the best and my talents are needed elsewhere. but i would love to stay here. oh ya mom, i have a favor to ask of you, will you if you have time send an application for me or get an application for me to go to byui. If you could that would be great, i love you so much mom,

Have a great week o.k.>

love,> robert atwood

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