Wednesday, May 20, 2009


hey mom,

well my week has just been awesome, just doing the normal stuff, but my weeks are never boring. there is always something new to learn everyday, well lets see what i did this week. Tuesday we went walking in the street after a lesson with one of our converts, and there was this gangster who looked like he was a gangsters from the 80´s he had short with a plaid shirt tucked in and a black belt that went to his belly, he had a cain, and a dress hat on which looked pretty cool, but he came up to us and we started talking and we asked him if we could go over to his house to talk, and then he leaned over to his friend and said that you need to go over to my house when the missionaries come over because they have the truth, then we left and then when we visited him he had to go to work, but he was like i am so sorry, but they just called me to work, but he told us to go over to his house this tuesday, so we will see what happens, i am pretty sure that he will be baptized soon, because he know literally everything about the church, he has been reading the book of mormon and everything. The day after that, we went to lunch and for some reason the sister was running a little late, so we went back a little later, and after we ate, we went back out in the street and we contacted this one guy who got deported from the u.s. but before we asked if we could go to his house he asked us when could we go to his house, we were like what? but we took down his directions and we went to his house. and when we went there he told us that he has his wife and kids in the u.s. and they are going to come down here in june, but they don´t speak any spanish hardly, so he told me i will have to teach them about the gospel. he told us that he already has a testimony in the church but he needs to do it with his family, so i am hoping that his family gets down here soon. what else, oh right now our investigators are doing really good, they are all progressing, but they find it hard to get themselves up early in the morning to go to church. We have this one investigator, her name is Dolores and we have been working with her for about 6 weeks now, and now she has a testimony that this is true, but she has fear because her father is something big in the catholic church, but i am going to send her a talk by president Hinckley that talks about how the church is true and nothing else matters. but that is really true, when we know that the church is true, we should fear the opinion of other people, because we know that in the end we will be on the right hand of God. I am glad to know that this is true and to know if i do all i can, i will be there on the right hand of God. So i guess you could say that i have been truly blessed, even when the hardest storm hits me. thank you all for your prayers. i really need them, i know i can´t do it on my own. it sounds that you are all doing fine at home trying to stay healthy, well i was doing good for a while trying to eat healthy until someone sent me a whole box load of chocolates, oh ya, mom, did you put money in my account, i need to buy those multivitamins or however you spell it. wow i really am forgetting english, my recent convert speaks english, but i have learned to talk like him and i think it is right until i really think about it, and yea i will have to talk to you guys through kris on christmas, so that you guys can understand me, well i have to go mom, i love you sooooooooooooooooooooo much, and tell Brogan that i am excited for him to be sending in his papers.

love,> robert atwood

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