Monday, April 13, 2009

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hello friends and family,>

well this past week was more or less really lazy, because this week was easter and easter here is the whole week, and everyone are on vacation and a lot of drunk people in the street so we tried to plan so we wouldn´t have to be in the street that long, but that only help until saturday night, on saturday i did splits with a priest in the ward and he is just a little guy, but we went out and we taught some really cool lessons and when the time was up and he needed to be in his house. so we were walking to his house and then this drunk guy told me to come over, so i did, and then he had me help him get up and so it did, then he put up his fists like he wanted to fight and said, lets go. i then said to him i am not going to fight you, you can´t even stand. then he said o.k. and tried to shake my hand really hard using all of his strength just to hurt me, but it didn´t hurt, but to be nice and to not make him mad i acted like it hurt. he laughed and then he almost fell over, then his friends came out and said don´t talk to that idiot, and told me to come over, and so i did, and i talked to them about how i am a missionary and how i am from las vegas, and they were all shocked that i was down here in mexico just to serve them and they said that they had a lot of respect for me. but then the drunk came up to me again and grabbed my arm, and squeezed my arm really hard and then i again acted like it hurt and i said wow this guy is strong, he must be a wrestler in the wwf. then the drunk guy looked at me again like he wanted to fight me, and then he took a step towards me and he almost fell, but luckily he caught himself on a tree, but then i said sit down before you fall, and i took a bucket, and i flipped it over and i made him sit down, and then i talked with his friends and they are really cool, and then they told me when i really want to talk about God, with out this drunk, i am here every day and you can come whenever you want, and they said i am always welcome, but then the drunk guy went over to this priest and put his arm around his neck really tight and then i went over to him and grabbed his arm and put my other hand on his neck so that he would let him go, so he did and we left, but it was funny, because this drunk guy wanted to fight us, and through this we got a really cool contact, i really hope something good happens with the drunks friends. but this whole week, we taught some really cool people, all of our investigators are progressing really good. the family of seven, just have a hard time getting everyone ready for church on sunday´s, but they really want to go. All of our investigators are overcoming such great trials, and i know that through this, they overcoming those trials, you can see the difference every time we visit them, and the only way that they have changed is through their faith and prayers and willingness for change. well i don´t have too much time today, but i love you all and i hope you all have a great week, oh yeah well today i have transfers, i am still in the same area, but i got a new companion, his name is elder martinez. well i love you all> love,> elder robert atwood

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