Tuesday, March 24, 2009

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well this week has been a really good week. we had a baptism on sunday and it was just awesome, i had the opportunity to baptize this kid of 14 years. we have been teaching mario for some time and his family is all members except for him, but his family are inactive, he has been going to church lately and has come to the knowledge that it is true, he was so very excited this whole week to be baptized, he couldn´t stop thinking about it. but it came to the day of his baptism, he started to get nervous. he then asked me, what am i going to do if i sin again, i can´t be baptized twice, then i told him no te preculpas or don´t worry about that, that is why we have the sacrament. the sacrament is like a mini baptism all over again, through this you can be clean of your sin again, just like with you baptism, if we take of the sacrament worthily God will not remember those sins anymore, then he got the confidence to be baptized again, then after i baptized him, i asked him, how do you feel? how does it feel to have all of your sins taken from you? he then told me that he didn´t feel any different, and then my jaw dropped, then he said just kidding, he told me that it is something that he could not really explain, it was like an overwhelming feeling of love and peace. he said that i really feel clean, it is so awesome when we are baptized, it is the first covenant that we make with God, a covenant is a two way promise. and through this promise we can be forgiven of our sins and we open the door that leads us to God, but it isn´t the end, we progress and we try to better ourselves and we make more promises and God always makes a promise in return. i can´t describe the overwhelming spirit that was in the baptism of someone that you taught that knew little to nothing of God that now knows the greatest thing, that you are his child and he wants you to return to Him, and that through this he can return to live with him.> but other than the baptism we have had many opportunities to teach the people the Gospel and see many changes in the lives of many, there is one person named gustavo, he has problems with smoking and drinking, but he has been cutting it out little by little and i swear every time that i see him i see more of the light of christ in his face, yea the mission is crazy awesome to be able to witness all of this, but there are also other crazy things that happen too, the other day i was walking and there was this dog underneath a car and i couldn´t see the dog, but when i walked by the dog jumped out and bit my leg, it didn´t bite hard enough to do anything but i was in shock that i dog finally bit me after all of the dogs that have tried to bite me, the first one to actually do it, was a little tiny dog. o.k. that is about the only thing that is crazy in the mission. Mexico is starting to get pretty normal to me and i can´t notice if something is really different that i can really write about. but back to the investigators. pedro still has a hard time getting to the church on Sundays, but he really likes the church, i haven´t had a chance to talk to him about that lately so i will have to talk to you about that next week, well Julio the other that is going to get baptized this week, he really likes the church and all, but he said that he need a profound answer to his prayers to know that it is true, then we taught him through the spirit we can know the truth of all things and we told him the fruits of the spirit and what he would feel. we also told him that the spirit answers in many different ways, but the Lord will always answer in a way that is best for us. by what he has told us what he has felt,( he felt love, peace, and other feeling really good.) it sounds to me that he has already found an answer. this happens a lot in the mission, people feel this in their prayers, but they sometimes don´t put two and two together, they don´t realize that they have received an answer. i sure hope that he receives an answer and i can´t wait to see what happens, well i have to go for now, i hope you all have a great week. >

love,> elder robert atwood>

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