Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hello family and friends.

well this week was a regular week, but it was a really cool week because i was in the service of the lord. oh one funny thing that happened this week is that i acquired a dog. my comp and i were out tracting one day and this stray dog was looking at me really sad. i felt bad for it and gave it the last of my food which was like a crumb. i shouldn´t have done that. the dog started to follow me every where. i swear that that dog followed me for about two hours. i didn´t know what to do. i tried every thing to get that dog to go away, but it wouldn´t go away. i threw a rock at it, i screamed at it. nothing worked. it loved me too much. so my comp and i ran across a busy street but the dog i swear is a cat because it had nine lives. it almost got hit like five times. finally we got tired of having a dog so we just took a taxi to get rid of it. it looked at me really sad when i left, but i wasn´t fooled that time. i don´t really have too much time on the computer, but i would like to tell you all that you are all in my prayers. i hope all is going well with you all. have you all been getting ready for navidad? my comp and i have. this past week we decorated our apartment with christmas decorations. it is really cool i will have to send some pictures of the decorations next week. well i don´t really have much to write about this week because we have been not really doing anything except the christmas campaign. it is where we go around giving people this dvd who call for it. it is a dvd about jesus christ and his birth. it is call joy to the world or in spanish regocijous jesus naciĆ³. but the thing i like most about my mission so far is this one family. the santos family. they are the coolest family ever. like i said before the dad has been drinking and he has asked us to help him do good. so we have been helping him. i told him how to make resisting sin easier. and i told him to start your day with christ by reading scriptures and prayer. he has listened to my council and he hasn´t drank for over a month now and he is now one of the strongest members in the ward. i love seeing the change in his face every time i get to see him. it is so awesome. i see how happy he is in his life and how the light of christ just shines about him. his family never fights any more and his house has the spirit of the lord. every time i go into that house i feel the spirit stronger. it just makes you happy when you see someones life change because of the gospel. i know the gospel seems like it has a lot of rules, but i can sincerely tell you that when we follow these rules with faith, we are truly blessed. it may sound like it binds us down, but when we follow them it does exactly the opposite. i know this to be a fact and not an opinion because i have seen it and i have felt it.

Elder Atwood

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