Friday, December 12, 2008

Durango Mexico 12/8/08 (Companion: Elder Rincon)


i forgot to tell you about some cool experiences this week, well i have had the chance to give three blessings this week, i was so nervous, but the lord put the words in my mouth. that was really cool, but the scary thing before that was what happened for us to give the blessing. we went into this members house to activate our lists and so we walked in and everyone was crying, and i couldn´t understand the words they were saying and i saw this old lady laying down in the next room with people surrounding her and so i thought someone was dying. then all of the sudden i heard a scream from the ladies son in that room that was laying down and i thought the kid was dying, because it was like he was being murdered scream, then it looked like he wasn´t breathing and his dad and his uncle had him in the air looking like they were doing some type of cpr and everyone is running around freaking out and they are all talking extremely fast and i can´t understand a word. so we gave him a blessing and it turned out that he just hit his stomach when he fell and that everyone was crying because they had contention in the family, but the cool part was the spirit that was in the house after we gave the blessing. it was so strong i could not begin to describe it. it was like the holy ghost had his arm around me. i felt like a cry baby. i don´t know why, but i felt so much love in that room, everyone felt calm after the prayer too. everyone was just dead silent and no one wanted to talk because everyone felt that same spirit. ok. a more funny note. it is funny when people ask me where i am from because i say las vegas with an american accent, but they don´t understand. so i say las begas nebatha, once i say that they are like oh o.k. oh and yesterday i ate the hottest pepper of my life, i didn´t know what to do with myself, it was so hott, i can´t remember the name of the pepper, but the mexicans said that they couldn´t even handle that pepper, i drank so much soda to get the hot to go away. well mom i have to go. i love you so much.

love, elder robert atwood

p.s. please send this to the usual people for me please :)

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