Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dear family and friends,

well this week was a pretty tough one for me, but it was o.k. because it was christmas, i hope you all had a great christmas. this week we had a deadline to meet for the dates of baptism of everyone in the ward. it has been a week of a lot of walking and sore legs. it was really fun because we got visit all the inactives and try to get them reactivated. Most of the people here are willing to listen to the message, and want to change, but aren´t willing to. except for one. there is this one really cool guy that we visit about every other day. he has not been going to church for about two years now. he has been drinking and a whole bunch of other stuff, we have been helping him with quitting those things and helping him get back into church. this Sunday he finally went to church and it was like he was glowing, he seemed so happy there. it was way worth it to me to do those lists and go through hundreds of names and more streets just to find this one person who was a little lost. i am so glad that we found him and he is doing good. Every time we see him he looks like he is happier and he is doing better. i know this to be because he is doing the things that the lord wants him to do. i know that whatever thing that happens in our life bad or good we can have happiness. Happiness comes from obeying the commandments of God. In the Book of Mormon it says every experience bad or good is for our good. so if you feel depressed and fell like there is no end, have joy because there is an end to your pain. It doesn´t always have to be in this life, if we are faithful in this life we are blessed for ever and ever. Blessings never stop if we are faithful in this life and do all we can to follow the commandments of the lord. well i have to go right now, but i wish you all a happy week.

love,elder robert atwood

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