Thursday, January 15, 2009

From: Robert Atwood (

hey mom,

well this week has been going good and my wrist is getting better. that is good that you can finally getting back to work. my comp and i are finally starting to see success in our ward. i am going to baptize (if i am still in the area) this little girl next week. she said she is scared to be baptized because she doesn´t want to drown. so i have been teaching her(really hard teaching an 8 year old) and she feels really comfortable with me. and so she said that she wants me to baptize her. that is if her dad wakes up and does something about the baptizm. her dad is hermano santos. sorry mom i don´t have time today to write a long one so i am going to wrap this up. i had the opportunity to give a blessing in spanish the other day. it was so cool because usually it doesn´t really flow as well as i would hope every time i give a blessing, but this time when i gave the blessing the words were just flowing, and the feelings that i was able to feel is unspeakable. i can´t begin to describe the feelings. it was so cool because after the blessing the dad of the lady i was giving the blessing started crying and it was like he didn´t want me to leave after. i didn´t want to leave either because the spirit was so strong, but we had to because it was our bedtime. i gave the lady the blessing because she is pregnant and she has been having a little bit of trouble with the baby. i gave here a blessing to let her know the baby was going to be o.k. and that if you live your covenants like obeying the commandments and basically what that quote was that you showed me. it was so awesome. i felt like i could die that day and be o.k. well mom, i love you i hope that you have a great week.

love,elder robert atwood

p.s. can i buy some new pants because my other brown pants are starting to get way too big for me?

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