Monday, January 26, 2009


Family and friends,

well this week was a really good week. it was really fast because my companion and i pretty much re opened this area after a couple months without missionaries. and it has been pretty hard to teach because we live in the richest part of torreĆ³n. but it is o.k. because there are people ready to hear the gospel in all places, if not i wouldn´t be in this area. but it has been really cool because there is a lot of shade to walk and it doesn´t make it so hot to walk in. also there is so many orange trees and they look so good so my comp and i took one and we pealed it and it smelled so good. so my comp was more brave and he took a huge bite. he acted like it was good and then i took a bite. it tasted like a straight up lemon. it was so gross. actually it was more sour than a lemon. so i quickly spit that out. well my elder miranda and i have been working really hard like i said before. my second day here my comp and i were knocking doors all day. and no one really was letting us in and it was five minutes until we needed to return to our house, so we started to walk back and we had this feeling that our work wasn´t done and that we had more lesson in us. so we knocked our last door. and this lady came out and said we could teach her for five minutes and nothing more. but she loved our message of the restored gospel so much that five minutes quickly turned into an hour and a dinner. it was the best sandwich of my life. She is definitely prepared to hear the Gospel. if we had just given up on before that house we would have never found her. other than that everything is going great. people that were in our area before said to my companion and i. how did you teach thirty lessons in torreon jardines. because usually the other ones never got in the houses. then i told him, if you think that your area is bad, it will be bad and you won´t have anyone to teach. if you think that your area is the best, you will teach and be baptized. it is kind of like that with every situation. the last talk by elder wirthlin was the so true, come what may and love it. or venga lo que venga, disfrutalo. i know that, that is true. everything is for our good and through every trial there will be a blessing through obedience. i love this work and i love more the people. there is no place i would rather be right now. i have to go, but i love you all and i hope that you all have a great week.

love,> elder robert atwood

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