Monday, February 9, 2009


¿ por que tu no me escribiste? todo el día yo estaba esperando para tu email, pero no mensaje. o.k. i was just kidding about you not writing me. well this past week mom has been really cool. i tried to be the tough guy with one of our investigators by eating really hot hot hot sauce. they invited us to go to dinner with them and teach them after so we went with them and they said to me. you eat chile and i was like yea i can eat chile. so i ordered the hotest thing on the menu. it was a habenero hot sauce. it was hot but i bore it like a man, and they were like wow a gringo can eat chile, so they kept on ordering me things that were really hot and i was like nooooooooooooo, but i didn´t let them know i thought it was hot. i think about after the fifth taco i couldn´t feel anything anymore. so i acted all good for that whole night, but when i got home, my stomach was all messed up. i thought i was going to die for about two days. but i feel good now. so how is everything for you guys. well we are starting to see great success in our area. we have about nine investigators right now. one is a huge drug addict and we are helping him right now to quit the drugs. it is really hard for him, but you can see the joy the gospel brings to him. i told him it is not going to be easy to quit these drugs, but i know that through Jesus Christ we can do all things. that is true. what ever problem that we have we can over come it if we just put our trust in the Lord. Not much really happened this week just a whole bunch of knocking doors. i love knocking doors. it is so funny sometimes. my companion and i try to see who can get into more doors and when the people start to reject us we start saying really funny things and sometimes they let us in. But other than that we are starting to work with the members more and i hope this will help progress our work. well i don´t have too much time. i love you mom and who ever else reads this letter.

love,elder robert atwood

p.s. happy valentines day.
p.s.s thank you for the money mom, i found some really cheap pants that cost about $15 each and i bought two. they are a bit long, but i hemned them myself for the moment until i find a place that will hemn my pants.

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